Recreation Director
This position is proudly funded by the Maryfield Recreation Board, Village of Maryfield and RM of Maryfield.

Sarah Van Eaton

“Creating opportunities, improvements and developing recreational activities and events for the community of Maryfield.”

Office Hours

Tuesday 9:00 – 12:00
602 Assiniboia Avenue

Sarah is available by appointment throughout the week in the office or
within the community.

Contact Information

Call or text

Maryfield Rink

 804 Assiniboia

Call or Text 306-646-7749

Maryfield Curling Club

804 Assiniboia Avenue

Facebook Page

Maryfield Gym

Managed by Rec Board

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Maryfield Skating Club

804 Assiniboia Avenue

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Ross Gym & Fit



Rec Hockey

804 Assiniboia Avenue


Maryfield Falcons

School Sport

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Maryfield Auditorium

237 Main Street

Facebook Page

Harmony Center

206 Main Street

Rhonda Erickson 306-646-2017

Parks and Gardens

Maryfield Flower Power

Green Spaces & Gardens

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Lions Campground

Main Street


Camping – Village of Maryfield

Maryfield Playground

Main Street

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