The Arlington Hotel Peanut Room

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Peanut Room

Harmony Center

206 Main Street

Contact: Rhonda Erickson 306-646-2017

$75.00 if clean as found

$100.00 if cleaning is required

$35.00 for use of sound system

Maryfield Auditorium

Lower Hall Rental Fees

Basic Rental $200.00
(3 hours of cleaning included)

Craft Sales, Auctions, Banquets & Dances, Meetings, Teas or Showers: $100.00

Exercise Classes: $25.00/night

Funeral: By Donation

Kitchen Only: $50.00/day

Private Parties & Movie Showing Available

Contact for Rates

Call or Text 306-646-7885

Maryfield Rink

Barb Swallow: Call 306-646-4324 | Call or Text 306-646-7725

Upstairs Lounge $50.00
(own permit required)

Main Waiting Room & Kitchen $50.00

Kitchen Only $50.00

Curling Ice $100.00 day (with ice in)

Skating Ice $100.00 (Same rate winter or summer)

Curling Ice Surface $400.00 / day
(Wedding/Dance, etc)

No extra charge for decorating prior to the event date

Facility Rental for Winter Events

(Both ice surfaces, Kitchen, Waiting room)


Entire Facility Rental for Summer Events

(Both ice surfaces, Upstairs Lounge, Kitchen, waiting room)


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